World Central Kitchen Suspends Gaza Operations

( – Israel acknowledged on Tuesday that the IDF “unintentionally” hit a humanitarian convoy in Gaza on Monday, killing seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen, CBS News reported.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told reporters that Israel would investigate the incident “right to the end.” He said it was unfortunate that the Israeli forces “unintentionally” hit “innocent people” but added that this can happen in war.

In a video statement released on X, IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said he spoke with Chef José Andrés, the founder of World Central Kitchen to express the IDF’s “deepest condolences.” He said the Israeli military also expressed “sincere sorrow to our allied nations” who have done “so much to assist those in need.”

Monday’s strike killed six aid workers from World Central Kitchen along with their Palestinian driver just hours after the group delivered another shipload of food to northern Gaza.

In response to the deaths, World Central Kitchen announced that it would suspend its operations in the region. As a result, ships loaded with 240 tons of undelivered food were returning to Cyprus, which has been playing a central role in establishing a maritime corridor to Gaza.

The IDF said its most senior ranks were conducting an “in-depth investigation” to “understand all the circumstances of the incident.”

In a lengthy statement posted on X following Monday’s strike, celebrity chef José Andrés, the founder of the nonprofit group, called on Israel to stop the “indiscriminate killing.” He accused the IDF of restricting humanitarian aid to Gaza and urged the Israelis to “stop using food as a weapon.”

The World Central Kitchen condemned the attack on humanitarian workers and said civilians and aid workers “should NEVER be a target.”

According to World Central Kitchen, the victims of the strike were from Australia, Great Britain, and Poland. One held dual citizenship from Canada and the United States, and the driver was Palestinian.

Since the war began in October, World Central Kitchen has shipped over 37 million meals to Gaza.

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