California Forced To Cling To Fossil Fuels Amid Heat Wave

( – With the ongoing heat wave, California is continuing to rely on fossil fuel power plants to ensure businesses and residents have reliable electricity, Fox News reported.

Based on data from the California Independent System Operator, over 40 percent of the state’s total power supply on July 30 was derived from natural gas. Meanwhile, renewable energy sources like solar power only accounted for about 34 percent, primarily during the daytime hours.

California continues to rely on fossil fuel power plants at night and in the morning hours when solar power is unable to produce its capacity. This includes the highest-demand period around 7:00 pm last Sunday when natural gas was responsible for 45 percent of the state’s electrical power while renewables only accounted for 27 percent.

Kevin Slagle of the Western States Petroleum Association told Fox News that California’s green energy goals come at a high cost. He said the state would need three times the electricity production that it currently has, meaning its “energy infrastructure” will have to be constructed “at a historical pace.”

Slagle said while the state is dealing with the costs and challenges associated with transitioning to renewable energy, it must continue to rely on natural gas to power the electric grid. He noted that even with clear skies and seasonal temperatures, natural gas continues to be the largest source of electricity in the state.

Initial data for last Monday also found that 45 percent of California’s energy was generated by natural gas while only 30 percent was from renewable energy sources.

California’s continued reliance on fossil fuels, particularly natural gas, comes as the country is facing a record-breaking heat wave that is putting a strain on the US electrical grid.

In some parts of California, the temperatures have hit triple digits, often reaching record-breaking levels, due to the “heat dome” over the southern part of the state.

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