Congressman Says Aliens Can Kill Us All

( – House Oversight Committee member Tim Burchett (R-TN) was once again banging the drum about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), especially the technological capabilities of so-called alien crafts, the Daily Caller reported.

In an interview on the Event Horizon podcast on July 2, Burchett made several startling claims, saying alien crafts are capable of traveling at speeds that defy physics, show no heat trail, and can fly underwater.

Burchett said that when it comes to UAPs, humans are “out of our league” and wouldn’t be able to “fight them off” if we tried. However,  Burchett noted that the risk to humanity is probably low, explaining that if the aliens had wanted to attack the Earth, they’d have done it already.

Burchett accused the federal government of covering up what it has on recovered alien crafts, suggesting that the technology could “turn us into a charcoal briquette.”

In an interview published in the Washington Examiner last Wednesday, Burchett said it was time for Congress to get serious.

He said while some of his colleagues in Congress might want to sweep UAPs under the rug, for him, it is “the top of the importance ladder,” adding that there is “something that we do not control in our military airspace.”

The Debrief reported last month that David Charles Grusch, a former intel official, gave classified information to both Congress and the Inspector General for the Intel Community about covert government programs involving recovered alien crafts.

Grusch also alleged that he has faced retaliation for disclosing this information to Congress.

Burchett told the Washington Examiner that he thinks Grusch is “telling the truth,” but believes there will be an “effort to discredit” him.

He also suggested that the reason the Pentagon and “research institutions” are “kind of warming up” to investigating UAPs is because “they’re smelling the dollars.”

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