Massive Bail Set For Suspected Mass Shooter

( – The alleged getaway driver in the July 9 shooting in Cleveland that left nine wounded appeared via video feed in Cleveland Municipal Court on Monday where the judge imposed a $5 million bond, reported.

According to prosecutors, Kevin Del Valle-Salaman, 24, drove alleged shooter Jaylon Jennings, 25, and another man to the Warehouse District in downtown Cleveland before the shooting and then stayed in the car with the second man while Jennings committed the shootings, Fox News reported.

Judge Suzann Sweeney told the defendant that he cause “public fear” and cost businesses a “lot of money.”

According to Cleveland police, Del Valle-Salaman and the two other suspects parked in a lot on West 6th Street in the early morning of July 9. After observing a group of patrons leave the Rumor Bar & Lounge, the three returned to the car where Jennings retrieved a gun. While the other two waited in the car, Jennings shot at the group of people. Del Valle-Salaman then drove them away.

Police arrested Del Valle-Salaman last Saturday. He was charged with nine counts of complicity to commit murder.

Jennings was arrested just two days after the shooting and faces nine counts of attempted murder as well as various weapons-related charges. Jennings remains in jail on a $9 million bond.

It is unknown if the third man in the vehicle will face any charges as it is unclear if he had any role in the shooting.

Jennings was scheduled to return to court on Friday, July 21.

Del Valle-Salaman’s next court appearance is scheduled for next Tuesday.

The 7 men and two women injured in the July 9 shooting are between 23 and 38 years old. While none of the injuries were considered life-threatening, one of the men who was shot was listed in serious condition.”

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