Ron DeSantis Responds Amid New Attacks On Her Marriage

( – As the GOP nomination for the presidency kicks off, there have been several attempts to paint Casey DeSantis, the first lady of the Sunshine State, as an overpowering force over her husband, Ron. After a Washington Post article describes the marriage between the two of them as “insular” and depicts their dynamic as one in which Casey has her hands in every detail, supporters of the couple have rushed to their defense, according to American Wire.  

The Washington Post article writes that as the two of them gained political power, they became more “insulated.” Casey is described as the brains behind the scene, choosing which invitations to accept or decline on Ron’s behalf. She also allegedly forces him to wear cowboy boots and chooses which earpiece he will have in his ear. The hit piece gave some credence to critics who resurfaced a CPAC video from 2016 in which DeSantis calls his wife “mommy.” 

But the governor’s supporters are noting the hypocrisy coming from left-wing media when focusing on right-wing couples. Podcast host Mary Katharine Ham quipped that women are “inspiring and empowering” when they are Democrats. 

“The Clintons got it right,” she added. 

Independent Women’s Forum senior fellow Gabriella Hoffman jumped on the comment that Casey is in an “insular” marriage. She pushed back sarcastically saying that Casey is “insular” because she is devoted to one man. Other right-wing women made fun of the term and suggested that those on the left see a relationship as “insular” if the couple is straight and does not sleep with other people. 

DeSantis is currently trailing former President Donald Trump. A Morning Consult GOP Primary poll has Trump at 59 percent of support among likely GOP voters. By contrast, DeSantis is in second place with just 19 percent of support. Other Republican candidates only have single-digit support among voters. 

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