Trump Calls Big Barr A “Gutless Pig”

( – Former President Donald Trump dug into Bill Barr after the former attorney general called him “toast” on Fox News after Trump was indicted for espionage for his handling of classified documents, according to Mediaite. Speaking with Shannon Bream, Barr said that he thinks the charges are “solid,” and described being “shocked” at the sensitivity of the documents and the many that there were.

Barr opined that the indictment was “damning” even if half of it was false. Trump responded on his social media platform Truth Social and claimed that the former AG was upset that he was fired. He also called him “weak and lazy.” He advised his followers to shut Fox News off when “that gutless pig” is making an appearance. 

The former president stated that the indictment is about election interference, suggesting that the Democrats are working to get him off the ballot. Notable figures are showing their support for Trump, even 2024 presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis. They have voiced their concern for the weaponization of the Justice Department. 

Twitter CEO Elon Musk pointed out that Trump has not been the only one found with classified documents. President Biden had documents dating back to his time serving as the vice president stashed at his Delaware home and an old office. While an investigation was allegedly opened up, Biden has not been indicted, leading critics to believe this is just another witch hunt added to the many ongoing investigations and trials that stare Trump in the face. 

Despite being rivals vying for the Republican nomination, DeSantis noted that Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden have been largely ignored. He said that the enforcement of the law has been based on political affiliation and warned that this application of the law was a threat to a free society. 

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